Here are some reasons for the creation of this Blog:
  • First of all, I want to share my knowledge, my experiences and my research results with the rest of the world and hope this blog inspires my readers to make the difference for a best world.
  • With this Blog, I want to meet more experts in Cyber Security and InfoSec and also a Blog is a good way to organize your ideas, to stay active or knowledgeable in a field.
  • A good friend and also Security Expert said in an Interview "Don't be like everyone else. Try to work not for the money, but for the idea. It's necessary to continually be exploring and doing all that you can to become a true expert and the one who can solve almost all tasks, even if they are brand new." -Dmitry Bestuzhev [Kaspersky Lab]
  • Another good friend and also Security Expert said in a Conference "All you need is a passion for change and an energy to effect that change" -Fabio Assolini [Kaspersky Lab]
  • These words inspired me a lot, so I decided to take part and with this blog I am looking for passioned people in Cybersecurity, people that want to participate, that don't want to be like everyone else, that don't works only for money and that wants to help other people.

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